Sunday, February 8, 2015

Pregnancy 15

My last post was on 12/16/14. Since then I have experienced 2 Sub Chorionic Hemorrhages. I was placed on bed rest following them both. Unfortunately bed rest was not enough to keep my babies heart rate going. On 1/9/15 I had a visit with Dr. Eller who planned to do a cerclage on 12/30/15 and on 1/18/15 which didn’t happen because of the hemorrhage. At my visit on the 9th I was informed baby was doing fine and heart rate was at 170. Over the weekend I started to have a lot of discharge and feeling sick. On 1/12/15 I advised my OB to take a culture to see if I had an infection. He also fit me in for a U/S which showed there was no fetal heart rate activity and no movement. The following day I had a DNC. On 2/5/15 the day before my birthday I received all call from my OB office to inform me the pathology test had come back and the chromosomes of our baby we’re normal. At this point I’m very concerned and want to give completely up. Now we are confused and unsure of what’s the problem. I made it to 11 weeks with this pregnancy and wondering how I became so close to 15 weeks and making it beyond with the help of Dr. Eller. I have a follow up visit on 2/11/15 I’m hoping we can come up with a plan for the future. I want nothing more in this world than the joy of waking up to my angels face.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beta results from 12/3/14/First OB Viist

I went in for a visit on 12/3/14 to make sure all is going well. My results from the blood test are HCG 12,273 Progesterone 11.1. I have been on progesterone since the 3rd, I hope this helps. I'm feeling a bit more optimistic that this is a healthy pregnancy. In August at 4 weeks my HCG 2500 and my progesterone level was 12. What a big difference.

On December 10th I was feeling really sick, stuffy and unable to breathe, so I decided to leave work and go home to rest. I thought I had a cold but I really think its little bean messing with my sinuses. The following day Thursday the 11th, I woke to find I was bleeding and enough to make me and my husband think “oh my God, Not Again”. Once my husband came home he took me the emergency room. An ultrasound was done as well as blood work and a pelvic exam. We learned from the ultrasound I had a blood clot which formed during implantation and hemorrhage. We also learned I have 3 cysts on my right ovaries. During the ultrasound little beans heart rate was 128 bpm and measuring 7 weeks exactly. I was told to go home and rest for the next couple of days until the bleeding stopped.

Yesterday December 15th was my first official OB visit. The normal process is ultrasound, pelvic exam, breast exam and blood work. We skipped the pelvic exam because I had one done in August with the last pregnancy loss. The ultrasound showed me being 7 weeks 1 day and healthy yolk sac and heart rate of 152 bpm.

My concerns are the emergency room said on Thursday December 11th I’m 7 weeks and yesterday December 15th the ultrasound tech said I’m 7 weeks 1 day. My ultrasound picture actually shows 7 weeks 5 days. I’m confused, which one is it? We can’t play around with my baby’s development because at 15 weeks my cervix will funnel through my TAC and I hope to have a TVCIC in place at 11 to 12 weeks.

My ultrasound tech said they are going to stick with my actual last day of my cycle and due date of 7/29/15. My next OB visit will be in 4 weeks. My first visit with my Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist will be this Friday December 19th. I look forward to seeing the growth of my mini me miracle.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

4 Weeks TAC #4

On December 3rd my Nurse called to say I'm not able to wait until December 15th for my first OB visit since I'm to high risk. She had me come in on December 4th to make sure things we're going as planned. I had an ultra sound which showed a small beginning of an embryo and cardiac rhythm. From what we can see I may have been only 4 weeks at the time of the ultrasound maybe less. I have started taking progesterone pills 100mg twice a day. I have had no other spotting episodes other than the spotting I had Thanksgiving week. I haven't experienced any morning sickness as of yet, However I do have the occasional,  I want to throw up what I just ate.

I'm extremely nervous, and anxiety is kicking in!  I was promoted on December 3rd to a position which will have me in training for 20 months. My concern is having the TVCIC placed with my TAC in the week training is to start. Another concern is best rest following the TVCIC. I asked one of the doctors in the office "will I be on best rest?" His response was "at some point". I know things will happens in my Father's time and not mine, but I can't help but think how is this going to effect my new position. When I applied for the position I had not yet conceived. When I was offered the position I knew I was pregnant. I hope I made the right decision by taking the position.

I have so many things going on in my life right now it's extremely overwhelming.

Monday, December 1, 2014

TAC Pregnancy #4

Words can't describe how I'm feeling at this time. Finding out I have conceived only 2 months following my miscarriage in August is very overwhelming. Not only is this TAC pregnancy #4 but it's also pregnancy #15. I have prayed and prayed and prayed, for strength, courage and guidance on dealing with the fact that the Lord has wrote a different story for my life. My husband says I'm the strongest woman he has encountered in his life. I know I'm an inspiration for many but I think I'm becoming weak. At what point do you say enough is enough, it's just not meant to be..

This should be a happy time for me, but I'm finding it really hard to be excited. My first OB visit is on 12/15. I'm praying I won't have to visit this office anytime before than, of course I should be 8 weeks the following day of my visit. I started spotting over the holiday week last week and thought to myself Lord please not again! I keep telling myself if the Lord is allowing you to conceive, then you can have a healthy baby. I'm feeling more optimistic since the spotting has stopped, However still very nervous there's a possibility the pregnancy can be abnormal.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Late Post

My apologies for the late post. I wanted to update all of my followers but I was in total shock, I was having yet another miscarriage. In August following my last post I went for a check up only to find out the little beans heart rate had decreased. I was unable to pass the little been on my own. I was given a drug called Cyotec which help me to complete the miscarriage. When this was all happening I decided at that moment it's just not meant to be and the Lord has blessed my sister and me with a beautiful baby girl in July my niece Riley Ann. I figured she is a single parent and maybe the Lord has made it so I'm there for her always. I actually didn't want to try again but if your not on birth control and not using protection another pregnancy is possible. Well 2 days ago my sister calls me to say she had a dream about fish, I told her "to get her life". I was just returning from my trip home to New York and thought it's no way possible as my cycle ended 2 days before I left on 10/28th. I decided on 11/19 to take a pregnancy test and for sure it was positive So I guess we are at this again. I have many obstacles to conquer in my journey my first goal is to make it to 3 months, following this I'm sure a TVCIC will be done by either Dr. Eller in Atlanta or Dr. Davis in Tennessee. I'll be sure to keep you all updated on this pregnancy. Continue to follow my journey a blessing is on the horizon!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

OB visit 7/29/14 update

I had my first OB visit and things turned out very well. I'm looking forward to the journey ahead. Based of my last cycle as of 7/29/2014 I should have been 7 weeks. As I informed my U/S tech I'm not on a 28 day cycle, my cycle is on 35 day cycle. My U/S showed I was 6 weeks 1 day on 7/29 which means I was only 3 weeks when I took a home pregnancy test and U/S which only showed the SAC. My babies heart beat at the time of the U/S was 102 bpm. As of today I'm now 7 weeks. I had some spotting 2 weeks ago but it was due to stress. I've been having some sharp pains as well but I believe its from my uterus stretching. I'm anxious to know how my visit with my MFM Dr. Eller will go on the 8th and what plan he has in store for us. I'm hoping he will place a TVCIC below my Dr. Davis TAC and a Pessary Cerclage at the internal os. It's hard waiting every two weeks to visit my OB when you're unsure of what's going on inside your body. The most I can do is be patient and put my life and my unborn babies life in the hands of the lord.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Pessary for incompetent cervix

I found some interesting information on Pessary. I spoke with a MFM specialist in N.C who stated he is unsure what to do in my case. He stated he can do my TAC better not to sound arragant. After that phone call I was not feeling very hopeful as I have had 3 physicans lost and not knowing what to do with my case. While doing some research I found one word in a document I was reading where they have had only one study done, it's very promising and very inexpensive. I found a support group on baby center community and there are women who have tried the pessary as a cerclage with and without a cerclage and have had a successful pregnancy with no bed rest. I plan on speaking to my OB tomorrow about it and my MFM about it on 8/8th. I want to add this pessary with my TAC and a TVCIC. What I've noticed is all of the physicans who are using this techinque is located in the North, New York my home town. I feel the doctor's in Atlanta are not educated enough for my health. Hopefully one of them can direct my MFM on this new technique or hopefully he has already tried the technique.

Use of cervical pessary—a small, silicone, ring-shaped device inserted around the cervix—is a safe, inexpensive, and reliable alternative for preventing preterm delivery in women with a short cervix, according to the authors of a new study conducted in Spain. - See more at:

This study is the first randomized controlled trial testing the usefulness of cervical pessary for preventing preterm births. Cervical pessaries, which have been used for about 50 years as an option for delaying preterm births, have been studied previously with favorable results, but the evidence comes from nonrandomized study designs. - See more at:

The study involved 385 women aged 18 to 43 years identified as having a short cervix (25 millimeters or less) at a routine transvaginal ultrasound at 20 to 23 weeks of gestation. The women were randomly assigned to either the pessary group (n=192) or the expectant management group (n=193), and 190 women from each group were followed. The number of spontaneous deliveries before 34 weeks of gestation was significantly less in the pessary group than in the expectant management group - See more at:

Although the findings are promising, additional larger studies are needed to ascertain whether eligibility for this intervention should be based solely on cervical length or other risk factors for preterm delivery. In addition, because of the small sample size of this study, there were very few adverse outcomes. Several larger studies are needed to determine possible risks of this intervention as well as the effectiveness of this intervention in routine practice. Currently, a randomized, multicenter study in England and other countries is underway to determine the usefulness of cervical pessary in twin pregnancies. - See more at:

Pertinent Points:
- With pessary use, a 21% absolute reduction of risk of preterm delivery was noted.
- Average gestation in the pessary group was 37.7 weeks, compared with 34.9 weeks in the expectant management group—a statistically significant difference. Subsequently, significantly fewer newborns from the pessary group had a birth weight of less than 2.5 kg (5.5 lb).
- There was a significantly higher need in the expectant management group to suppress labor using medication and to administer corticosteroids to accelerate fetal lung maturation.
- Although insertion and removal of the pessary was reported as painful, 95% of pessary recipients would recommend the intervention.
- See more at:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Patiently waiting on first OB visit

As a little girl all you want when you become an adult is to be married to the man of your dreams, have a huge wedding, a house with the white fence and little ones to fill it up. I never knew how much goes into the development of little humans until becoming of age and having all these complications. There are some many things that can go wrong during development in the first three months. These two weeks have been nerve wrecking as I don't know what's going on inside of my body and if my little bean is actually developing. Based off my last cycle on 7/25/14 I will be 7 weeks. I'm nervous because I have had no morning sickness. I don't feel pregnant some days. On Sunday 7/20/14 I had some spotting for about 3 days which it wasn't red but brown so I was not to alarmed. I know every pregnancy is different but I'm not sure why I'm not feeling pregnant. In my last pregnancies I have been sick as a dog until the second trimester. I'm trying to enjoy the fact that this little bean is not making me sick but I'm also trying not to get attached. I have had so many losses it's really hard for me to get attatched to this pregnancy. Don't get me wrong I'm extremely happy I was able to conceive on my own and I look forward to meeting my angel in Febauary @37 weeks. I'm hoping I can convince them to deliver me on my birthday 2/6/15 which would be the best birthday gift in the world. I believe hold heartly my little bean will make it. I have my MFM appointment with Dr. Ellis @ Northside hospital on 8/8/14 which I will then be 9 weeks. I can't help but be excited and a little distant at the same time as little bean is still in a critical stage of development. I put our lives in my creators hands and look forward to a long boring pregnancy.

Monday, July 14, 2014

First blood work (Results)

Greetings Followers and Readers,

I have had the pleasure of having my blood work done on 7/9/14. I received the call from my nurse the following day which stated my HCG level was 2500 and my progesterone level was 12. The HCG levels are great for had being 4 weeks at the time, However my progesterone for them is low. They would like to see it at 16. I was placed on 100 mg of progestrone to take at bedtime. My physician has decided to cancel my first OB appointment from 8/4/14 to 7/29/14. He feels like we shouldn't be waiting until I'm 8 weeks because of my history. I also reveived my first sonogram picture on 7/11/14 which based of my last cycle I was 5 weeks at the time of U/S. Everything looks good. We wanted to make sure the pregnancy was located in the uterus and not etopic. On 7/29/14 we should be hearing the heart beat for the first time. I know I have to have a TVCIC placed under my TAC at 11 weeks so I plan on making my last day at work 8/15/14 at 10 weeks to mentally repair for the surgery. I'm in very high positive spirits and looking forward to a long pregnancy even if it's on bed rest the entire time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TAC Pregnancy #3

My journey continues as I do everything in my power to bring home a living, healthy, breathing angel. On 7/2/14, I was at work and was told by one of the security guard that I have a glow and my skin is very smooth and clear. On 7/3/14 I decided to wake up that morning and take a pregnancy test. To my surprise the test is positive. At that moment I realize my day of being blessed with becoming a mother is finally approaching. I refuse to let IC win. I plan on having two TVCIC placed below my TAC at 11 weeks. I have not decided who I will allow to do my surgery. It will either be Dr. Davis in NJ or a surgeon here in Atlanta. I have an appointment today to make sure all is going to plan. I should be ending my 4th week to becoming 5 weeks. I feel in my heart this is the one that will make it and change my and my husbands life. I know the road will be tough but I'm a very strong tough women who is determined to be a mother.

Follow me on this new exciting and blessed journey.....