Monday, July 14, 2014

First blood work (Results)

Greetings Followers and Readers,

I have had the pleasure of having my blood work done on 7/9/14. I received the call from my nurse the following day which stated my HCG level was 2500 and my progesterone level was 12. The HCG levels are great for had being 4 weeks at the time, However my progesterone for them is low. They would like to see it at 16. I was placed on 100 mg of progestrone to take at bedtime. My physician has decided to cancel my first OB appointment from 8/4/14 to 7/29/14. He feels like we shouldn't be waiting until I'm 8 weeks because of my history. I also reveived my first sonogram picture on 7/11/14 which based of my last cycle I was 5 weeks at the time of U/S. Everything looks good. We wanted to make sure the pregnancy was located in the uterus and not etopic. On 7/29/14 we should be hearing the heart beat for the first time. I know I have to have a TVCIC placed under my TAC at 11 weeks so I plan on making my last day at work 8/15/14 at 10 weeks to mentally repair for the surgery. I'm in very high positive spirits and looking forward to a long pregnancy even if it's on bed rest the entire time.

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