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Londyn was delivered on 4/23/10 at 18 weeks gestation due to a diagnosis call Cervical Incompetence. A Vaginal Cerclage was placed in my cervix at 15 weeks when the u/s revealed my cervix had funneled to 1.1cm.

The devastation one goes through from loosing a baby or in my case multiple babies is unexplainable. I believe my new journey is starting because of my daughter. I believe in faith, and my angel is with me watching over me. When I purchased my airline ticket to travel and have my TAC surgery done. I purchased the ticket with seat 23F which is a window seat. I didn't realize at the time Londyn was delivered on 4/23. It wasn't until I reached my hotel room and on the phone talking to my family that I realized I was sitting in seat 23F and my daughter was with me letting me know I made the right decision and everything was going to be alright.

I will forever miss all of my Angels. RIP!

Londyn Mommies Angel