Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beta results from 12/3/14/First OB Viist

I went in for a visit on 12/3/14 to make sure all is going well. My results from the blood test are HCG 12,273 Progesterone 11.1. I have been on progesterone since the 3rd, I hope this helps. I'm feeling a bit more optimistic that this is a healthy pregnancy. In August at 4 weeks my HCG 2500 and my progesterone level was 12. What a big difference.

On December 10th I was feeling really sick, stuffy and unable to breathe, so I decided to leave work and go home to rest. I thought I had a cold but I really think its little bean messing with my sinuses. The following day Thursday the 11th, I woke to find I was bleeding and enough to make me and my husband think “oh my God, Not Again”. Once my husband came home he took me the emergency room. An ultrasound was done as well as blood work and a pelvic exam. We learned from the ultrasound I had a blood clot which formed during implantation and hemorrhage. We also learned I have 3 cysts on my right ovaries. During the ultrasound little beans heart rate was 128 bpm and measuring 7 weeks exactly. I was told to go home and rest for the next couple of days until the bleeding stopped.

Yesterday December 15th was my first official OB visit. The normal process is ultrasound, pelvic exam, breast exam and blood work. We skipped the pelvic exam because I had one done in August with the last pregnancy loss. The ultrasound showed me being 7 weeks 1 day and healthy yolk sac and heart rate of 152 bpm.

My concerns are the emergency room said on Thursday December 11th I’m 7 weeks and yesterday December 15th the ultrasound tech said I’m 7 weeks 1 day. My ultrasound picture actually shows 7 weeks 5 days. I’m confused, which one is it? We can’t play around with my baby’s development because at 15 weeks my cervix will funnel through my TAC and I hope to have a TVCIC in place at 11 to 12 weeks.

My ultrasound tech said they are going to stick with my actual last day of my cycle and due date of 7/29/15. My next OB visit will be in 4 weeks. My first visit with my Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist will be this Friday December 19th. I look forward to seeing the growth of my mini me miracle.


All Doll'd Up said...

Hi, How are you?
Would you be needing a occlusion cerclage this time as well?

Reeses said...

Yes, however I didn't make it to get the occulsion cerclage once again.

Felicia Neeley said...


First off i would like to tell you that I am so sorry for what you are going through. I know you have been through so much. I too am getting a TAC next month. My husband and I lost our first born son due to me having IC. Coming upon your blog from abbyloopers, i am so confused. I thought that it was not possible to funnel through a TAC. Please forgive my ignorance. How is it possible to funnel through a TAC? Thank you for yor time.


junebug said...

I am so sorry for your losses. I echo Felicia - I just lost my twins in January and have a phone consult scheduled for TAC b/c I didn't think you could funnel through. Are you able to share any information with us?
Thank you.