Sunday, December 7, 2014

4 Weeks TAC #4

On December 3rd my Nurse called to say I'm not able to wait until December 15th for my first OB visit since I'm to high risk. She had me come in on December 4th to make sure things we're going as planned. I had an ultra sound which showed a small beginning of an embryo and cardiac rhythm. From what we can see I may have been only 4 weeks at the time of the ultrasound maybe less. I have started taking progesterone pills 100mg twice a day. I have had no other spotting episodes other than the spotting I had Thanksgiving week. I haven't experienced any morning sickness as of yet, However I do have the occasional,  I want to throw up what I just ate.

I'm extremely nervous, and anxiety is kicking in!  I was promoted on December 3rd to a position which will have me in training for 20 months. My concern is having the TVCIC placed with my TAC in the week training is to start. Another concern is best rest following the TVCIC. I asked one of the doctors in the office "will I be on best rest?" His response was "at some point". I know things will happens in my Father's time and not mine, but I can't help but think how is this going to effect my new position. When I applied for the position I had not yet conceived. When I was offered the position I knew I was pregnant. I hope I made the right decision by taking the position.

I have so many things going on in my life right now it's extremely overwhelming.

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