Saturday, August 18, 2012

TAC pregnancy #2

A month ago I planned to go on vacation to visit family and friends for the holidays. I’m scheduled to leave for vacation a week and half from today.
I was expecting a visit from Mother Nature on August 8th.August 13th approached and Mother Nature still had not made her appearance. I decided to get a home pregnancy test, nd to my surprise the test was positive. At this point I cried because I called myself avoiding having sex around my fertile days, thinking I couldn't get pregnant if we didn't have sex during my fertile time.I tried not to get pregnant at this point in my life. I’ve only been back at work for 11 months, since I lost my first TAC baby. I was not ready mentally or physically to try again. 

Now I’ve just found out on Monday I’m pregnant and now I find out on Friday August 17th my progesterone levels are low. I’m now on Prometrium for the next ten weeks. I’m worried and concerned this pregnancy will not be viable. I will have more lab work done on Monday August 20th and an ultra sound on Friday August 24th.

I’ve started on all my vitamins, prenatal, omega 3 fatty acids, b complex, folic acid, and vitamin c as directed by Dr. Davis my TAC surgeon.  Now the lord has blessed me with another opportunity to try and bring a child in this world. I’m ready to give it all I got.

I’m hoping and praying the LORD is not punishing me for not wanting to go through another pregnancy initially. Now that I’m pregnant I want nothing more than to give my little bean a fighting chance.


Laura said...

I am quite sure you are on Abbyloopers, but I just read a few of your blog posts. I too had a failed TAC, same as you water broke at 17w and cord prolapsed. However I did not have a dr. D TAC. He is replacing my TAC on Oct 5th. He also thinks I will need an occlusion stitch. Very very scared to try again, but like u I am not ready to give up. How are u doing now? How many weeks r u now? I hope and pray for a success. Please keep us updated.
Thank you for sharing ur story.

Josan Margot said...

Hi. I am just wanted to know how you are doing?

Anonymous said...

Any update?

Reeses said...

Hi Laura,
Thank for the concern. I have not been blogging for the last 2 years. I'm sorry to hear of your TAC loss. I hope everything works out for you as well. I will be starting back bloggig for I have started a new Journey.

Reeses said...

Hello Josan,

Thank you for asking. I'm doing much better I will be updating my blog soon.

Reeses said...


Update coming soon