Tuesday, June 7, 2011

PPROM (Preterm Pemature Rupture of Membranes) @ 15 Weeks with first TAC pregnancy..

At week 14 I started noticing some slimmy discharge, which at the time, it didn't dawn on me it was part of my mucus plug passing. I believe on the day I completely passed the complete mucus plug was prior to rupturing my membranes at 15 weeks 1 day. I woke up pissed the morning of 5/15/11, due to my inconsiderate loud upstairs neighbor. Other than being woke up out of my sleep abruptly, I was feeling good. Later that morning I started feeling pain in my side then carrying to my lower back and then to the middle of my back. Still I ignored the signs of what was happening. As many times as I have been through this, I think to myself now why didn't you go to the hospital when your husband asked you to go.? The pain was really bad, but I thought it maybe gas. In all of my other pregnancies at 15 weeks 1 day, I'm guaranteed to have funneled and cervix shortened to 1cm. Finally I went to the rest room. I coughed, and my membranes ruptured. At that moment the pain I was felling for the entire day completely stopped. I completely went into panic and shock. I have the TAC how could this happen? All I could think is, I'm loosing another baby. Why? I made sure to take prenatal vitamins, folic acid, 1 to 2 baby aspirin a day. I did everything I was suppose to do to make sure my baby was getting the nutrients he need to grow. At the hospital I was told there was no fluid left around the baby and I was dilated. I advised the on call OB of the emergency room, I have an abdominal cerclage and I'm unable to dilated with it in place. She never said how much and I was dilated and I wasn't even in the right state of mind to ask. I was not ready to give up. I knew my TAC would hold my baby inside. So I decided to try and give my baby a chance. I was released from the hospital and was prescribed antibiotics, placed on bed rest to try and rebuild the fluid.

A week later I woke from a nap to use the restroom once again, only this time to find my babies umbilical cord prolapsed through my vagina and was hanging out where you can visibly see. I knew at this point I would have to give up and by time I would reach the hospital he or she may not have a fetal heart tone. When I reached the hospital it was as I suspected there was no fetal heart tone. The OB on call could only recall having one other case of an abdominal cerclage at the hospital and was unsure how to deliver me. After checking my cervix she says I'm dilated but not enough to do a DNC and my cervix are soft. We knew with the TAC I would have to have a Hysterotomy being that I was to far along and a DNC was not an option. She wanted to try two things to dilate my cervix so she could do a DNC, I then proceeded to call Dr. Davis and have him talk to her. After both of us spoke with Dr. Davis we proceeded with a Hysterotomy (C-Section) , classical incision on my uterus due to it not being big enough to do a transverse incision.

My first TAC pregnancy loss was devastating, heart breaking and a total shock to me. I never even considered PPROM (Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes) because even If I should funnel through my TAC it would still not allow my baby to be born. I have since spoke with Dr. Davis and there are things we can do to try and prevent this from happening again which one of them is, he would place a Occlusion cerclage right under my TAC which would also be permanent and goes around the cervix and not through the cervix like the vaginal cerclage. I also will be meeting my MFM here in Atlanta to take some measurements of my cerclage and ultrasound of my anatomy and discuss any future plans. I don't plan on giving up. I do plan on giving it another shot. I refuse to let IC win and keep me from being a mother. I know the Lord allows physicians the ability to create and master these life saving options, and I give all my praise to our heavenly farther. I won't believe our farther doesn't want this to work for me because otherwise why would he put it in my path. Farther I believe you have a plan for me and my life and have my date set for when I will meet my first born child. I will keep my faith, be patient, and strong, and allow you to do your job.


Amy Kuczmiec said...

Did you go on to try again?

Reeses said...

Currently on Third TAC pregnancy Amy

baby mama said...

Reeses how is the pregnancy with TAC going though. you r in my thought n prayers. God bless you this time around. I suggest strict bed rest. give it a try.