Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Update (1st trimester complete)

I've been trying to get the strength to type, to give you all an update. The first trimester can be exhausting and draining. 4/23/11 was a very sad and hard day for me. It has now been a year since my Angel Londyn was called home to the heavens. 4/23/11 was also the day I turned 12 weeks with my first special TAC miracle. I had a lot of thoughts and emotions at the time and was not feeling very optimistic.I'm now 14 weeks today with more energy and feeling great but scared out of mind. I'm now approaching 15 weeks. At 15 weeks with Londyn at a regular OB visit and the day I found out Londyn was a girl, my first cervical length check I was told my cervix had shorten to 1 cm. I was then rushed to the emergency room to have an emergency TVC place through my cervix. I went on the carry Londym for another 3 weeks (18wks 2dys).

My MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) specialist says he doesn't want to do my first cervical length check until I'm 20 weeks. He stated we don't want to do to many trans-vaginal probings. He's convinced my TAC will do the job, which convinces me and gives me more hope. With that being said, I'm convinced I selected the right OB team for my first TAC pregnancy. I'm looking forward to my next appointment with my MFM on 6/15/11, I will then be 3 days away from 20 weeks, which will be a wonderful blessing and great milestone for me. My MFM says he wants to start me on the 17p weekly shots at 18 weeks. I'm hoping when I go to my next  OB appointment on 5/18/11 my OB will start me on them, I'll be sixteen weeks, which is usually when most OB's start them. For now my MFM and OB plan to deliver my Special TAC miracle at 38 weeks, which is somewhere around 10/15/11. My regular OB visits are every 4 weeks. Now that I have the TAC, they no longer consider me to be high risk.

I'm no longer working (not by chose) but due to my assignment ending with the staffing agency. Me and my Husband decided we wanted to enjoy this pregnancy and I wouldn't take on another job or assignment while pregnant with our first TAC miracle. My first trimester was somewhat a walk in the park. I had no morning sickness and maybe vomited twice the hold time. For thee most part I'm having a much easier time with this pregnancy than I had with Londyn. I have no complaints, I was tired most of the day, but now that I'm in the second trimester I have more energy. I believe with all my heart and soul the LORD has created the TAC as a method of curing IC. I'm extremely nervous and scared as I approach my scary weeks, I would like you all to keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

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