Friday, February 25, 2011

A Special TAC Journey begins!!!

On Tuesday 2/22/11, I took a home pregnancy test and received a plus sign in the results window screen, which means, I'm officially pregnant with my first TAC baby. I conceived on 2/12/11 Valentines Day Weekend. I called the OB office I will be using to schedule my first OB appointment, unfortunately the scheduler stated based on my last cycle date and length, I'm only five weeks and their unable to schedule the appointment until your between 8 and 10 weeks. I'm concerned somewhat because I have a fibroid and I was in extreme pain last night from laying on my right side. I did take some Tylenol to help ease the pain and I was able to go to bed. The scheduler did make me an appointment with my OB base on the fact, I have a fibroid but my official first OB appointment won't be for another three weeks.

My Husband and I are extremely excited. Of course I will humanly be on edge because all of my Angels I have in Heaven due to IC. I'm going to do my best to stay calm, relax and enjoy my pregnancy. I'm looking forward to the many OB visits and sonograms. Anxious already to know whether it's a BOY or GIRL. My preference is a healthy baby in 35 weeks and counting.


MrsH said...

Congratulations! that is great news.

Angie said...

Praise God! Congratulations!!! this is awesome News!=) I'm schedule to get my Tac with Dr D on April 15. I'm really happy for you. i have 3 angels in heaven. ((Hugs))

Marie W said...