Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fish Dream

My Sissy texted me this morning to let me know she had a dream about fish. She said "she was in the fish market buying some fish and they were lying there on ice". My Nana was very superstitious and use to always say "Somebody is pregnant" and she's thinking it's me. I told her I don't think it's me because I just ovulated on the third or fourth of this month which was three to four days ago. I'm definitely a firm believer of this particular superstition but, It could easily be one of my nieces or some else close too my sister. I refuse to get excited and be disappointed once again.


Marie W said...

We have the same superstition in my family too. Funny thing... it always comes true. Keeping everything crossed for you, and praying the news hits you gently if its someone else.

Reeses said...

Thank you Marie. The last time my Sister had this dream my niece was pregnant. I'm praying it's me this time.