Thursday, October 21, 2010


Our TTC (trying to conceive) journey continues. I woke on the morning of the 19th to my monthly visit. I can't help but to wonder whether I'm ovulating or not. I've had difficulties in the past conceiving, but I know I'm capable of doing that much, so why is it not happening? There's a process to conceiving which is very complicated in some ways. Perfect timing being the key aspect of conceiving. We then have all the different stages of development of the maturing egg, to fertilization, to implantation, to having the right amount of cervical mucus. Then we have the male factors. Is the sperm fast enough, the sperm count, chromosomal issues in both men and women. I understand the process and I understand GOD has a plan for me.

It's hard to be patient knowing you have a BIONIC cervix and your cervical problem is no longer an issue. There's a reason I became pregnant with Londyn and lost her. My angel has brought into my life Abbyloopers and Dr. Davis. I will keep my faith and believe my time is coming. I will hold my miracle baby in my arms soon. I plan to take it one day at a time not think about it to much. I'm actually going to stop using my ovulation calender for my ovulating days. I'll be 35 in February and the last couple of years I have been pregnant for my birthday and not being able to enjoy it, so I'll focus on that and work for now and let my life fall into place on it's own. Once I have a child my life will change. A change I'm looking forward too.

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