Sunday, October 3, 2010

Almost 3 months since TAC surgery

Not so much going on with me right now. It'll be three months on October 9Th since I had my TAC surgery done. On September 27Th I started a new job. It's going great, and I will be in training for a total of eight weeks. It's definitely keeping my mind off TTC(trying to conceive). I have to be sure to study for the daily quizzes and weekly exams so my mind has for sure been elsewhere. Of course I keep in mind my ovulating days but trying not to obsess over becoming pregnant. Hopefully I have some good news to share with you all soon. I don't plan on telling my close friends and family until I reach 26 weeks of gestation. It's not that I don't want to share the goods news with them or because I don't have faith in GOD, Dr. D, or my TAC. There is still a chance of miscarriage or early abortion due to other reasons and has nothing to do with the TAC, such as Ectopic pregnancy, abnormal chromosomes, birth defects and abmoralities. So I perfer not to put myself, my husband, my dear friends and my family through another loss. This blog and my Abbysisters will be the place where I vent and get support for the first half of my pregnancy. I have been feeling some twinges in my growing area and pulling from my incision area. Which is all normal and letting me know I'm healing just fine and my body is getting back to normal and adapting to the TAC. It's so exciting to know I will not have to stop working just because I am carrying a child. I'm now anxiously waiting on my miracle day and so looking forward to it. I've had two 30 day normal cycles. I'm approaching number three on October 18Th. I'm hoping not to have that visit.

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Spencer and Sara said...

praying that this is the month! from one TAC sister to another.