Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm very excited to know this cycle is almost over. Not knowing what length your cycle is on will make it very difficult to pin point your ovulation day. I figured I would start TTC from a 28 day cycle to a 35 day cycle. Prior to getting pregnant with Londyn and having surgery I was on a 35 day cycle, However that could change due to the TAC surgery or just because my body just wants to do, what it wants to do. So with that being said, I actually made sure to have fun with hubby starting on 9/1/10-9/10/10. If I'm on a 35 day cycle I will ovulate today. I'm also very excited because I will be starting a new job on 9/27/10 which is a long term temporary assignment with a staffing agency. The job will end in April of 2011 and I will be due two months later on 6/2/2011. Perfect timing, I get to make some money and take time off for the summer to have my first TAC baby.

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