Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anxiousouly Waiting

They say when your trying to conceive it won't happen and when you stop trying and least expect it, is when you conceive. I believe that's true but some how I can't stop feeling anxious to know whether I will conceive on my first try. I'm anxious to know whether I will be apart of the 95 percent success rate of women with IC who have had the TAC and carry to full term. The wait is agonizing. I've waited so many years and went through so much pain and heart break, thinking I'm unable to do the one thing as women I'm meant to do. Now knowing I have the TAC I have more hope and more confidence in my ability to carry to full term. I'm very anxious to fill the void in my life. It just seems like the days are just creeping along slowly. I'm praying I will have good news soon. Once the 8Th approaches I know I will become less anxious and more relaxed and calm.

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