Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1 month after Tac Surgery

Recovery has been a breeze no major pains and I'm back to my normal activity. Following surgery you have to wait until you've had one normal cycle to start TTC (trying to conceive). Well, I thought it was time for my female visit this past week. Unfortunately she was not a normal visit. I hoped she would visit normally after a couple of days. My surgery was done on 7/9/10, However my body has been out of whack being that I had Londyn on 4/23/10 following delivery, placenta was found left behind 5 weeks later. I pretty much was bleeding for a total of 6 weeks following Londyn's Birth so I'm not sure when my normal visit should be. I would desperately like to start TTC for I'm anxious to try out my new TAC (Transabdominal Cerclage). I'm looking forward to all the fun me and my hubby will have TTC. Until I have that visit I'm at a halt. Why is it when we want the female visit, we can't get the female visit?



Melissa said...

That's really no fun at all....thinking of you and hoping everything normalizes soon.

Reeses said...

Thank you Melissa.